• Dr. Travis tries out 3D Orthotics on The Doctors Show!

    We had the privilege of helping Dr. Travis Stork with his foot and the 1st metatarsal arthritis with a custom pair of 3D printed orthotics to off load the region and help reduce the symptoms! Thank you Travis for the opportunity to serve you and be part of your care.

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  • Making the impossible, possible.

    Accurate bio-mechanical metrics & data, with real time GAIT analysis

    For the first time, we're able to capture real-time data from our patients while they walk, and compile it to produce an high resolution model of their feet during stance. This is made possible with the advancements of Hewlett Packard 3D scanning systems and GAIT analysis plates. The information captured from these platforms is then leveraged by GO-4D to generate a 3D printed device that far exceeds any orthotic available today.

    There's a lot of "Awesomeness" going on here.

    Game changing benefits, built into every pair of orthotics.


    Perfectly Fitted

    High resolution, 3D volumetric scanning of the foot and lower leg provide us with the most accurately fitted devices ever available.


    The quality of imaging is stunning and combined with the pressure plate GAIT analysis, becomes a powerful in our diagnostic toolkit.

    Intelligent Control

    The honeycomb lattice structure of the 3d printed orthotics allows for a creative method of control.


    Varying stiffness direction of the lattice provides a first ever "dynamic" orthotic that has different properties throughout the GIAT cycle.

    Environmentally Considerate

    Traditional orthotic manufacturing has a lot of waste associated with it. The cast materials, the poured plaster mold, and the material waste for top covers and the functional plate are all eliminated with the digital scanning and 3D printing approach.


    Orthotics of the future waste less.

  • Scan. Step. Then Print.

    3D Volumetric Scan

    Using their expertise and over 30 years of experience building the best scanners, HP has developed the FitStation, a 3D volumetric scanning devices build for creating a high resolution rendering of the foot and lower leg.


    This laser scanner takes only a few seconds to capture a vivid 3D image of your foot.








    Real-time GAIT Scan

    A truly revolutionary component of this process is the real time GAIT analysis using the high resolution pressure plate.


    Using this device we are able to capture the pressures you exert on your feet, the locations and the intensity as you walk or run across the plate.


    This data can then be interpreted to confirm the diagnosis and develop solutions with a more precise orthotic prescription.





    3D Orthotic Printing

    All of the data is transferred to the 3D printing farm utilizing HP 3D printers. These devices can turn out thousands of pairs of orthotics per day beginning with only beads that are turned into a honeycomb lattice structure which morphs into a custom pair of orthotics made specifically for the patient.










  • No more messy casts or foam boxes.

    We love our old school Nikes... But only with new school tech inside.

    With over 20 years of experience, we've tried most of the techniques to capture the structure of our patients feet and create their orthotics. Although these legacy techniques have proven reliable, and are still considered standards... they come with compromises. The magic behind this new generation of functional orthotics is the raw data captured. We are able to get an image of the foot, not only in a static position, but also in real time functioning. The power of this data when combined with smart algorithms that correct the foot virtually to provide a data drive correction model gives our patients the most precise orthotics ever available.

    Traditional plaster casts are a great way to capture the foot in the "neutral position" but are dependent on the skill of the practitioner as well as attention to detail and accuracy.


    More importantly, they're just messy...

    and if you've visited evo, you know we don't do messy!

    Foam box impressions are a quick and affordable way to capture the foot to mold orthotics to, but the variations that can occur from practitioner to practitioner create a significant margin for error.


    Most foam box impressions end of capturing a deformed foot, which results an orthotics made to fit the deformity, rather than correct it.